Taco Night

Taco Night

Never grocery shop when your hungry they say. Never go to bed hungry they say. If she's mad feed her tacos they say. 

This is how it began, it was just another fall Tuesday at the office. Our team had our scheduled weekly meeting at the office. This meeting typically consists of eating lunch while talking thru our goals, issues, etc. This meeting was different though. None of us had the time to grab our lunch and tensions were high, everyone was HANGRY! There were no snickers in the room to throw at each other so our fearless team leader ordered tacos. Thus comes, the birth of tacos for lunch, which turned into tacos for days, which evolved into TACO NIGHT with the public, the people we love! Now we hold Taco Night once a month and we show beautiful homes WHILE eating tacos!

BOOM! Why didnt we think of this sooner?! 

When is the next TACO NIGHT?


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